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  1. I wish MFY would develop a payment program that would either be lifetime access or download access. I would have no problem making payments and getting access after total payments have been made. Totally, understand why download cannot be offered before and have no problem paying a membership fee while making payments.

    1. Jesse L

      Thank you for the suggestion Jay. While that’s not something we’re currently looking into, specifically because of everything that comes with being a member, you can purchase download access to all of our workouts, present and future ones, through our Vimeo. But like I mentioned, it doesn’t come with everything we have here.

    2. Dean P

      Jay – most websites do not offer download access within a website. The reason you see download access on other programs is because the download access occurs within an app. This is what you see with netflix and youtube. We do not have the capability of differentiating between people who would pay for download access and people who would choose the streaming only option.

      We are looking at improving this for the future though.

    1. Dean P

      Hey Jeff – I just looked up your account, sorry for the confusion! You paid for download access to the Build The Habit Challenge when you signed up. This does not include download access to all of the programs of the Members’ Area, only the Build The Habit Challenge.

      To redeem your download access to the BtH Challenge, head to the Build The Habit Challenge Program page (Link below), and next to the “Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4” tabs, you’ll notice an icon with a cloud and a down button in it. Click that tab, and from there you’ll be able to download the workouts in the BtH Challenge.

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